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Delivery and Payment




Once you have selected your products, it's time to tell us where you want them sent. Whomever you are buying for, wishlist.com.au will deliver most items to any address in the following countries:

  • Australia and New Zealand

Orders placed will be delivered on the next Business day. In the event that no one is home, we will endeavour to leave the flowers in a secure area. Should the couriers deem it unsafe to leave the order unattended, it will be returned to the point of despatch and you will be contacted for subsequent instructions. In these instances a re-delivery fee will apply. To avoid these costs, please carefully consider the delivery address you enter. Deliveries will be made to most business addresses by 5pm, residential addresses by 7pm. Unfortunately, deliveries to schools before 3pm cannot be guaranteed.

Delivery Calculator
To find out exactly when your gift will arrive and what its postage and handling fee will be, use the Delivery Calculator, found in the 'More Detail' section of each product. Enter the postcode to which you would like the item sent, and our Delivery Calculator will tell you when the item will arrive and how much it will cost for processing, as well as either Standard or Express delivery.

Standard postage and handling fee
Standard Delivery to businesses and residential addresses within Australia incurs a fixed postage and handling fee for all items, regardless of their destination. See the table below for these costs.

Express postage and handling fee
The express postage and handling fee is calculated according to the weight and volume of the items being delivered, and the distance to their destination from our Melbourne fulfilment centre. The Delivery Calculator will provide estimates of the applicable postage and handling fee.

Orders containing a number of items will be despatched together as one package. This will result in the express postage and handling fee being calculated from the weight and volume of the total package and the distance to its destination, and delivery will be cheaper than shipping the items individually.

Type of product  Standard
First item
  Extra items
Products  $9.95nil
Hampers  $9.95nil
fresh items  nilnil
Very Large Products  $20.00$20.00

Please note: fresh items cannot be delivered together with any other items.

Express Delivery - Calculated postage and handling fee
The express postage and handling fee is calculated according to this equation:

Base postage and handling fee + weight/volume cost x Distance Factor = Total express postage and handling fee

For example, a kitchen appliance being delivered to Perth will cost more to deliver than the same appliance to Sydney, because the distance factor to Perth from our Melbourne fulfilment centre is greater than it is to Sydney.

You can use the Delivery Calculator to check the exact postage and handling fee of delivering each item.

Product availability
Not all products are kept in our Melbourne fulfilment centre, so certain items cannot be despatched the day they are ordered. Each product has an Availability Chart stating how long it will take to be posted, depending on its availability to us. Therefore, the time that it takes any item to be posted is added to the Standard or Express delivery time.

If you select a number of products and one of them cannot be posted until later than the others, you can have the entire order delivered together as soon as all the products are available, or you can receive the products that are available now, and the remaining product once it becomes available.

Terms and Conditions - Product Information

We believe that we have aligned ourselves with excellent delivery partners, but there may be times when, despite their best efforts, parcels are delayed in the delivery process. We will always endeavour to work with our delivery partners to ensure prompt arrival of your products.

Terms and Conditions - Delivery

International Delivery
wishlist.com.au currently only delivers to the following countries: Australia and New Zealand.

New Zealand customers please note: If you purchase over AU$400 worth of goods, you will be required to pay a landing tax of 12.5% on your purchase.

Multiple Addresses
Sending items to a number of different addresses is easy. On the Delivery page, select each product to be sent to the first address, then enter delivery details, gift-wrapping, and delivery method. Simply repeat this procedure for the remaining items.


When you are ready to finalise payment on your purchase, you have a couple of options.

Credit Card
Purchasing online with your credit card is the simplest and most convenient way of shopping. Simply fill in your details and we bill the purchase to your account.

  • wishlist.com.au accepts all major credit cards: American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard and Visa
  • our online payment system at wishlist.com.au is completely safe, as all of your credit card details are encrypted. For more detail, visit High Security

Terms and Conditions - Information Provided by You

Gift Vouchers / Gift Certificates
If you have received a Wishlist Gift Voucher / Gift Certificate, be it on email or paper, you can redeem it by buying anything apart from other Gift Vouchers / Gift Certificates.

Simply select the 'Redeem your Gift Voucher / Gift Certificate' option in the payment section, enter the voucher code and we will process the payment. You may purchase any items that are greater than the value of your Gift Voucher / Gift Certificate by using your credit card to cover the additional cost.

Wishlist members can track the balance of any Gift Vouchers / Gift Certificates they may have in My Account.

Terms and Conditions - Gift Vouchers / Gift Certificates

Offline Payment
If you are still not comfortable purchasing online, that's fine. Select the 'Phone or fax' option on the Payment page. A page will appear with the details of your order. Print this page out and choose your preferred payment option.

  • fax - fax the printed purchase order, together with payment details, to +613 9646 7798
  • phone - you can talk to one of our Customer Experience representatives, who will gladly take your order and credit card details over the phone

Please note: your order will not be despatched until your payment has been cleared.

It is worth remembering, however, that paying online will be the most convenient way for you to buy from wishlist.com.au.

At the end of the payment process you will be presented with a confirmation screen containing your receipt number. This page can be printed for your reference. You will also be sent an email confirming this receipt number as soon as your order has been finalised.

Terms and Conditions - Placing and Accepting Orders

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